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August-8-Forecast – Bitcoin News

  For the week ending August 8th, we have a very specific recommendation.  Based on our charting, deep analytics and critical viewpoint, we’re prepared to say BUY.  And most importantly, BUY now (Friday, August 9th)!   Putting Bitcoin on a BUY recommendation at this point in time is probably going to be seen as too aggressive.  Most marketing analysts and pundits are taking a dimmer view of prospects, and are cautiously saying “maybe”. (So, we want you […]

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Bitcoin Explained

 See this video for an explanation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For the most recent market data and analysis — for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, you can check… Cointelegraph – The Future of Money    

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The Science of Productivity

Made in collaboration with Sparring Mind, the behavioral psychology blog. Read the full productivity post: http://bit.ly/XRcYAY TWEET IT – http://clicktotweet.com/ny8ak In today’s crazy world, productivity is on the minds of many. So what can science tell us about the human brain and productive work? How do we become more efficient at working, and spend less time working overall? Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). SOURCES—- Fear of projects: 1) http://bit.ly/TX4DJr […]

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