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August-8-Forecast – Bitcoin News

  For the week ending August 8th, we have a very specific recommendation.  Based on our charting, deep analytics and critical viewpoint, we’re prepared to say BUY.  And most importantly, BUY now (Friday, August 9th)!   Putting Bitcoin on a BUY recommendation at this point in time is probably going to be seen as too aggressive.  Most marketing analysts and pundits are taking a dimmer view of prospects, and are cautiously saying “maybe”. (So, we want you […]

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Bitcoin Explained

 See this video for an explanation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For the most recent market data and analysis — for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, you can check… Cointelegraph – The Future of Money    

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Productivity Hacks

Have you ever wondered what it is they serve a billionaire for breakfast? Do people with a super human ability to generate revenue eat waffles and cream cheese like the rest of us? Or do you think they might have a richer palate? As far as I know the the most expensive breakfast ever served up coincided a few years back with the opening of the West End production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. For 22,000 pounds (37,600 […]

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