Success Habits

Breaking Our Self-Limiting Habits


‘ We need to think in a different way to change our standards
to a brand-new, deeper, “inside-out” level’; Stephen R. Covey


In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey describes routines as “regular, often unconscious patterns which frequently, day-to-day share our personality and also create our performance, or inefficacy”.


What we are and what we come to be is a straight outcome of our behaviors. It is in the world of routines that our character is born, supported as well as ostensibly shared. What we see from the outside is a direct reflection of those deeply ingrained habits that have gradually, steadily as well as regularly ingrained themselves into our subconscious. Our behavior is consequently educated by these habits, which with time come to be so deeply ingrained right into our minds that altering them resembles trying to damage mountains with bare hands.

Damaging without these deeply-embedded habits is a tall order, specifically if they have been gotten over an extended period of time. The longer it requires to get particular behaviors, the harder it is to damage them. As well as this is not necessarily a bad thing; specifically if the habits acquired are positive. Positive routines should be urged, also established where they are lacking.


According Mike Bressica, success comes from actions, which start as thoughts. To transform your behaviors or behaviors, you will need to have different ideas. What occupies your mind; your thoughts; thrusts you to act in a particular means. If you do not like the results of your actions, all you require to do is to alter your ideas. The Scriptures broach renewing our mind as a means of changing ourselves into excellent, appropriate and perfect people that constantly seek to do the will of God (Rom 12.2).

Restoring or changing from our existing ideas to those that we prefer causes improvement or adjustment in our lives. This is what is called having a standard shift; adopting a new mind-set, of doing points, of behavior.

The good thing regarding behaviors is that they are gotten in time through knowing, nuances, brainwashing and experiences. Considering that they are obtained, they can be changed by changing the thought patterns that cultivated them to begin with.


To replace unfavorable, self-limiting thought patterns, which Mike Bressica calls “psychological patterns of failing”, we should establish as a first goal to lower the effect of these patterns. As well as this can not be done over night. Just as it took some time to obtain these psychological patterns of failing, it will certainly take time to launch them as well as replace them with ‘psychological patterns of success’.

Paul speaking to the Church in Rome expressed his aggravation with his lack of ability to check his patterns of failure. It showed up to him that he was fighting a losing battle with his mind as he located himself doing the extremely wicked that he did not intend to do; as well as refraining from doing the excellent that he intended to (Romans 7: 19).

Thus most of us, Paul was at an intersection. On one side lay the old self-limiting patterns of failing; and also on the various other, his desire to release these negative patterns, which constantly led him to do bad, and also replace them with those that would propel him right into a transformed life of doing good.

We must fight

Very successful people are those that clear themselves of their patterns of failure by cleaning off diversions. When you have no pattern of failing restricting your progress, you have the ability to overcome short-lived troubles at the assumed level. Given that the fight for success is won or lost at the assumed degree, your success or failing in this field is what makes you successful or unsuccessful. Success comes normally when you discover just how to control your idea patterns. As Bressica says, if you muster the art of thought control, you will not be ‘attracted to act opposite to what you understand is finest. You can keep worry at a minimum. Question is no place to be located.’

But just how do you unlearn limiting thought patterns that you have gotten from youth? How do you break down ambiguous blocks of unfavorable routines that have been distilled and also sealed right into your mind considering that childhood years? To just inform you to transform your paradigm would be as vain as telling a starving individual to be filled up without offering him food to consume. What we hear, see, experience or sense has a direct bearing on the formation of our practices; which are informed by ideas, as well as which are then acted out in the form of behavior.

Ideas are the structure on which our behaviors are developed. These habits, relying on their nature, subsequently notify our activities or actions; as well as success or lack of it exclusively relies on the actions we take. To take that critical first step in starting your very own service, you must first of all unlearn the staff member mindset and also start seeing on your own as a successful entrepreneur.

Yet to achieve this paradigm change is no mean fit. What with years of being told to study difficult so that, when you grow up, you will get a great job? To break away from this mold of thinking and also begin seeing or thinking yourself as a successful company person calls for much more than favorable affirmations such as ‘I can do it’. If ‘I can do it’ is out of tandem with your idea pattern, then, try as high as you will, you can’t do it.

I think with all my heart that if you can believe it, you can do it. The author of the Book of Proverbs (23:7) knew this all also well when he claimed that ‘as one believes in his heart, so is he’. Your thoughts specify the kind of individual you end up being. Countless times we condemn outside conditions while in reality the core cause of our failure can be located in our idea patterns.

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Author: Doc JW