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Seven Home Organisation Concepts You Can Utilize for Passive Income

What kind of home based business should you try to start? After all, in these days when companies all over the world are down sizing or outsourcing, even the most highly educated and well trained workers may find themselves out of a job!  Especially in this Covid-19 era when governments decide to curtail anything we might want to do. What better way to beat the virus than have a home-based business. Used to be that if you […]

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Republicans Are Wrong!

Does the Coronavirus extra UI benefit keep people at home?   During the Coronavirus pandemic the people of America face a quandry.  Prior to a nationwide quarantine, more and more Americans were finding jobs, going to work and bringing home a paycheck. When the quarantine was put in place, Congress including both Republicans and Democrats agreed to start sending unemployed workers (most of us) an extra $600 per week as part of a national UI (unemployment insurance) […]

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