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7 keys to your success

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston S. Churchill   Jeff was the coolest kid at my high school. He was popular with everyone, whether it was the geek crowd, the rebellious goths or the sporty jocks. He was a good athlete, did well in academics and even had time to be part of the drama club. Jeff never tried to impress anyone – he was naturally gifted and did […]

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Breaking Bad Habits Of Failing

Failing Can Be A Habit Too People living today are incredibly fortunate. 50 years ago the net never ever also existed, and cable was something you check out in sci-fi publications. Currently, thanks to the internet, you can discover information on practically anything you want, instantly. Something which was only a desire simply one decade earlier. Yet with all this information offered to us, people still fail to become successful in life. Why is this? Nevertheless, there […]

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Balanced Energy

Balanced energy has always been the key (like forever!). Everything in the universe, including your body and mind, is controlled by 1 thing… ENERGY! The ancient Chinese knew it; and it is still being used for rapid healing today. If you are feeling unwell in any way… If you are not experiencing abundant health and happiness… The reason is simple: Your body’s energy flow is unbalanced… Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dictates that this imbalance of this energy […]

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