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Success Keys

The keys to success…   Start with your beliefs. What do you believe in? Do you know where your beliefs started and how they were formed?  Who in your life contributed to your beliefs, confirming your sense of who you are? Can you change your beliefs? Or question them until you understand?   Which leads us to the next link in our success keys. You beliefs inform your thoughts. The Bible says it well, “As a man […]

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Motivational Quotes – Success

Some days a motivational quote can provide a quick pick-me-up for you and your loved ones. The quotes can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to a drab afternoon and add some motivation to your day. Quotes are also a great way to help your memory and train your brain.  Often, what you believe can be supercharged with just the right quote. Here are 10 quotes that will motivate you and speed you along […]

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7 Minute Burnout Relief for Self Development Motivation

It’s a shame. Feeling tired or burned out is the new norm these days. People work themselves into the ground… Take care of all their loved ones while neglecting themselves… And go non-stop until they get sick or have a major health event. It’s not healthy. And the solution isn’t just taking a break by sleeping in and sitting around watching Netflix all day (although there’s a time and place for that)… But rather, intentional rest and […]

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